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I love scouring the web for new ways of doing and looking at things.  I can spend hours surfing for ideas and suggestions (I really need to get out more...ha!).  I finally started to dabble in different creations through ideas of my own, and variations of things I found online, and thought the prospect of putting them all in one place sounded exciting: BINGO! A website!!! 

I've found that my favorite sites to view are those that are easy to follow, without too much reading (the dreaded long blog).  Although they can have a lot, (and I do mean A LOT), of great info to peruse, I don't want to read a dissertation every time I check-out a new idea or project: keep it short and sweet, that's my motto!  That's why I decided to create this site, in this way: not blogging, I will update it when inspiration strikes, and no long pages of reading to go along with a new idea (who has that kind of time).  I'm more of a visual person as it is, so pictures are the way to go for me, as long as the pictures aren't of me (I don't have some burning desire to be a celebrity in this social-media world we live in, so my face probably won't show-up here).

There are many variations of my concoctions and recipes floating around the web, but my objective isn't to make the most elaborate ones, it's to make the simplest, most useful and cost effective versions.  The only time I may get more eleborate and 'diva-ish' is in the food cooking recipes: I fancy myself an amateur chef, at times, and feel the need to excercise my inner foodie!

I know absolutely nothing about setting up a website, so it's been an interesting journey, but my goal is to share my passion for a more simplified approach to life: save money, live healthy, and enjoy every second of it that you can.  It's like my aunt says, "this isn't a dress rehearsal."

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