Kylie's List

Boo! Pumpkin


  • Carving knife (it's easiest to get a pumpkin carving kit from the store)

  • Cleaned, scraped pumpkin with top removed (top should be removed, and inside should be removed)
  • Washable marker (you can wipe any leftover pen marks clean after you are done)
  • Idea for word or picture (I used 'Boo!')
  • Votive holder and votive candle, or votive LED candle (safer with no flame for small children)
  • Toothpicks (for mistakes!)

Step 1
Draw your word/image onto the chosen face of your pumpkin

Step 2
Use your pen to color-in the portions that will be cut and removed (the voids where the light will shine through).  This step helps you to cut the correct spots.  Make sure you leave spaces that will stay connected to the pumpkin (see photo).

Step 3
Make your cuts along the lines, making sure sections that will need to stay in-tact to be attached to the pumpkin are not cut.  This is what the toothpicks are for: if you make a mistake and cut a portion incorrectly, you can usually fix it by placing a toothpick in one side and sticking it to the other to connect the mistakenly cut piece (I know, because I had to do this!).

Step 4
Clean any pen mistakes off with a damp cloth, place your candle inside, replace the top, and enjoy!

*Take extra precautions around small children when using sharp knives, and If using a real votive candle with a flame.  If real flames will be used, it is best to keep the pumpkin outdoors.

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