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Carpet Freshener

This is a great way to deodorize your carpets, and give a nice clean citrus scent to your cleaning routine, keeping the toxic chemicals out, and the cost down!

Items You Need:
- Shaker (container with hole/holes for shaking out deodorizer)
- Baking soda
- 20 drops essential oil (10 lemongrass, 10 grapefruit)

To Make:
1) Fill your container half-way with baking soda, and add 5 drops each of your essential oils
2) Place lid on, then shake to mix
3) Fill the remainder of the container with baking soda, add remaining 5 drops each of essential oils, replace lid, and shake to mix
4) Keep lid on while storing

To Use:
1) Open containers hole/holes
2) Shake over carpets (a nice, light layer around your carpet will do)
3) Let sit on the carpet for a minimum of 15 minutes (works great if you can leave it longer, even overnight, if possible)
4) Vacuum your carpets, vacuuming all of the mixture up (keep your small children and pets away from the carpets until after you vacuum, they want to each the mixture)

- If you find that it's hard to shake the mixture out, you may need larger holes in your container (I use the large hole for mine) 
- I also like to use a container with a window so that I can see if I'm close to empty
- Before you begin, take a few minutes to clean out your vacuum: empty, wipe down, and remove any build-up on the reel and the inside (you don't want to smell vacuumed dust, and this will help with this, so you can smell your nice carpet freshener) 

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