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Coconut Oil Body Butter

Coconut oil is probably my second favorite item in my bathroom and kitchen, after raw honey, because it is so useful and effective.  I use it on the ends of my hair for extra conditioning, as an under-eye moisturizer, to make my Coconut Oil Popcorn, as cooking oil, in my Healthy DIY Deodorant, the list goes on and on.  One of my favorite uses, though, is in my body butter.  I used to buy the store version of this, one of the top-sellers, until I looked at the ingredients list, not to mention the cost, and said 'forget it'.  I knew making it myself would be easy, less costly, and much healthier.  There are more complicated recipes, with more ingredients, (you can get crazy with this, if you want to), but I like to keep it simple!

- 1 cup extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil (in solid form, not heated)
- 1TB pure vanilla extract
- 1tsp vitamin E oil (optional)

- Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl, and blend with a mixer/electric egg beater until the clumps are out of the coconut oil, and the mixture is smooth (it only takes a few minutes)

- Put into a container of your choice (I like to use a wide-mouth amber glass jar with a screw-cap lid)

- Less costly than buying store brand products

- Healthier ingredients

- Coconut oil has skin softening, and antibacterial properties, that help improve the feel and look of your skin

- Vanilla extract helps to deter bugs (they really don't like the stuff), and it smells so nice

- Put on after getting out of the bath/shower when your skin is still damp, when it will absorb the best

- Do a lighter layer on your arms, so that they don't feel greasy, or stain any of your shirts (a light layer works great on the arms)

- Your mixture will liquify if it gets too warm, which isn't a problem: just pour into a bowl that you can mix it in, put back into the fridge until it hardens, mix it again until whipped - voila!  If your house stays too warm, just leave it in the fridge and use from there (it's just something we have to do to avoid all of the chemicals they put in the other stuff to prevent it from melting - it's worth it)
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