Detoxifying Your Home

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Detoxifying Your Home

Our homes really are our castles, and who wants a toxic waste dump, or a chemistry lab in the living room!  Look around your home, and under sinks, cabinets, your laundry room bathrooms, and see just how many different items contain things you would never: A) put on your skin, B) eat, C) allow your small children to be near.  In short, you need to do some purging!

For those of you who ha
ve had children, you are probably acutely aware of how many changes you had to make to your routine, including what you cleaned with (laundry, counters, floors, bathrooms, etc), and how important it was to stay away from certain chemicals while you were pregnant.  Well, why shouldn't we continue this after pregnancy/kids, or if we don't have kids?  Answer...We Should!!!

You will love having a less toxic home, and not being a slave to the countless cleaning items you are constantly being marketed at to buy.  I will be giving you ideas on how to keep your place clean, non-toxic, pet/kid/pregnancy* friendly, and smelling yummy!

List of Items to Get You Started:
  • Spray bottles (one per sink with storage: 2 baths and kitchen = 3 spray bottles) find them in the cleaning section
  • Large jug of distilled white vinegar (from grain - check label)
  • Large bag of baking soda (you can find large bags at Costco, Sam's Club, etc)
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (very inexpensive and great for killing mold)
  • Liquid Castile soap (I prefer Dr. Bronner's almond scent)

This is a short, 'get-started' list, we will be adding some more things as we go along, but this is a great place to begin!

*Always check with your doctor before using essential oils, because some are unsafe in the early stages of pregnancy, or throughout the entirety of it.  They are natural, but still potent.  Use and store properly away from curious small children (lemon essential oil is NOT drinkable lemon juice).
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