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Eye Makeup Remover

This can go along with your Oil Cleansing Method.  It is a gentle way to remove eye makeup, keep your eyes hydrated, and you can use the same products you use for oil cleansing your skin (no need to buy yet another separate beauty product - yippee!):

Items Needed:
  • Oil of your choosing (I use Sweet Almond Oil, but Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great, too)
  • Cotton Round (or q-tip for small touch-ups: I make a mess every time I apply mascara!)
  • Warm water


  1. Put 1/2 to 1tsp on your fingers (palm up, fingers together, so the oil doesn't drip through them)
  2. Rub your two hands together, close your eyes (duh!), then rub oil on and around your eye lids gently
  3. Dampen your cotton round with warm water, ring out slightly, and wipe oil and makeup away gently


  • Use one side of the cotton round for one eye, the other side for the other eye
  • If doing touch-ups with a q-tip, dampen with warm water, ring out slightly in your hand by rolling it on your palm, dab in a bit of oil in your hand (just a dab will do), then wipe away small mistakes gently
  • If you need to open your eyes to get your cotton round wet after you have rubbed oil on your eyes, don't worry, the oil will not sting
  • If your oil jar/bottle squirts/pores too much out at a time, get a dark amber glass serum pump bottle (they distribute a smaller, more controlled amount)
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