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Non-Toxic Scented Room/Linen Spray

Air fresheners we buy at the store for wall plugs or sprays have toxic chemicals in them, and this is what we're breathing in on a daily basis.  These chemicals have been connected to cancer, neurological disorders, reproductive issues, asthma, and developmental problems.  Again, just because something is approved to be sold to the public doesn't make it safe.  They thought lead paint and asbestos were okay to use at one point, too.  Even though there are studies that show little to no adverse affects from these chemicals, there are also studies that show the opposite: who's right?  Well, I've decided not to wait around to find out the hard way, and have ceased all use of these products, (just in case...ahem, lead paint, asbestos, shall I go on...).  Make your own yummy scents with ingredients you know are safe to use, and never fret about this potential risk again!

- Mister bottle (get one with a nice fine mist)
- Funnel
- Rubbing alcohol or Vodka
- Distilled water
- Lemongrass essential oil*
- Grapefruit essential oil*

1) Funnel-in one part rubbing alcohol or vodka, followed by 3 parts distilled water, into your misting bottle
2) Add a total of 20 drops essential oils to every 8 oz amount of liquid (8 oz mister bottle, 10 drops lemongrass essential oil, 10 drops grapefruit essential oil; 16 oz mister bottle, 20 drops lemongrass essential oil, 20 drops grapefruit essential oil, and so on...)
3) Replace mister spray cap and shake

- Shake mixture before each use
- Try to keep your bottles out of sunlight, or use a dark amber bottle (the essential oils breakdown and become ineffective with a lot of sunlight)
- Your mixture may look a little cloudy when mixed - not a problem
- Use as a room and linen spray (with a fine mist it doesn't harm your fabrics)
- No fear of an open flame with burning candles
- No worry over simmering scents on the hot stove
- You won't have to use any more electricity plugging-in your scents any longer
- Use lavender essential oil in your bedroom spray to create a relaxing scent
- Use rubbing alcohol instead of vodka to save some money (they both work equally as well, but your Grey Goose will be put to better use on the weekend!)
- A great website to check studies on chemicals/ingredients is 

*Always check with your doctor before using essential oils, because some are unsafe in the early stages of pregnancy, or throughout the entirety of it.  They are natural, but still potent.  Use and store properly away from curious small children (lemon essential oil is NOT drinkable lemon juice).
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