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Orange Candle


  • Knife to cut orange
  • Spoon (TB size) to scoop flesh from sides
  • Oil (olive, vegetable, or grapeseed ONLY)
  • Bowl/dish to place orange flesh in (save for eating!)
  • Essential oils (your favorite scent or blends)
  • Lighter (long candle lighter is safest)
  • Candle dish to place your lit orange candle on

*Anyone with an allergy to oranges should NOT perform this project.  Your candle can have a burn-time that may last an entire day, so make sure you blow it out completely if you will be leaving it unattended.  Do NOT substitute any other oils for this (eg motor oil from your garage won't cut it!).  Blow your candle out gently, so that you don't force the oil to splatter.

Step 1

Cut the orange in-half and choose the side that sits on its own for your candle (you want to choose the side that doesn't tip over):

Step 2

Scoop a large spoon around the perimeter of the flesh, detaching it form the rind.  Don't go under the flesh so far that you detach the middle stem - the stem will be your wick:

Step 3

Use the knife to cut through each triangle wedge, starting inside and cutting away from the middle.  Make sure you don't puncture the rind, or cut the stem:

Step 4

Remove the separated wedges by hand.  Do this gently and make sure you aren't pulling the middle stem (the stem must stay in-tact):

Step 5

Fill the empty rind with oil (I used olive oil), making sure not to make the oil level any lower than 1/4" below the top of the stem.  If you have problems lighting the wick, it may be that your oil level is too low (this was a problem I experienced).  Make sure you put your candle on a safe surface (eg a non-flamable dish), away from any hazards (eg curtains), add approximately 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil/oils, light your candle, and enjoy!

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